Government Refund 4 U - The Government Owes You Money
Do You Want Your Money?
Government Refund 4 U is focused on obtaining your money that the government owes you.  You are visiting this site because the government owes you a refund and you want your money.  Based on our research, you are entitled to your refund. 
Millions of dollars owed by the government go unclaimed each year.   Do you want your money?   If you want your money, our team works on your behalf to obtain your refund owed to you from the government. 
There is absolutely no risk to you.  Our company, Government Refund 4 U, completes all the required documents and communicates with the governing authority to get you your refund. 
For our services, we are compensated at 40% of the refund amount.  There are no initial fees or charges.  We are only paid after you receive your money that is owed to you by the government. 
Yes, I want my refund!!!
To get your refund, we only require your authorization to work on your behalf.  So, lets get started so that you can get the money owed to you by the government.  Simply complete the attached agreement and authorization form and the process begins.  Please note that since we are conducting business with the government, the process can be lengthy.
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